Withdrawal pre-authorization

To provide better and more intuitive control over wallets, Bank Tellers can no longer withdraw money from consumer’s wallets without their express permission on the DCash system or within the DCash Wallet Application.

DCash may always flow in, but pre-authorization (pre-auth) is required for money to be transferred out.

Pre-auth is initiated in the DCash app; the Consumer wallet-holder can toggle their “Authorize withdrawals”status between the default “off” state and a temporary “on” state; access this feature in the ​account settings of the app.

How to pre-authorize a withdrawal

Pre-auth “on” status remains in effect until a) a corresponding withdrawal is completed, b) the wallet-holder cancels by toggling the “Authorize withdrawals” status to “off”, or c) two hours pass. Upon any of those occurrences, the wallet returns to the default “off” state.

The Bank Teller may attempt a withdrawal at any time, but if a pre-authorization is not in place, then the attempt will be denied and the Bank Teller will be prompted to seek a pre-authorization from the wallet-holder. Each new withdrawal will require a new pre-authorization by the wallet-holder.

Withdrawal amounts will always be reflected in the Transaction History section of the Consumer wallet-holder’s app.