DCash is the faster, safer, cheaper way to send and receive digital EC currency.

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Send and receive cross-border

Do you live in Antigua and Barbuda? Send DCash (with an optional note) to a loved one in Saint Lucia.

Are you studying in Grenada? Request and receive DCash (school fees, food, parties) from your parents in Saint Kitts and Nevis.

DCash makes sending and receiving EC currency faster, cheaper, and safer.

Learn how to send and receive DCash
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Make Payments.

Whether at a supermarket, a restaurant, a salon, or a mechanic, whether you are in-person or remote, paying your bill has never been easier. Open your DCash Wallet, scan the QR code, slide to pay, and continue on your way.

  • If you have a smartphone, download and sign up to use DCash.

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  • No fees
    No Fees

    There are no hidden charges or fees for using DCash.

  • Faster
    Faster transactions

    DCash transactions are concluded faster than with cash or cards.

  • Safety

    DCash exists in your digital wallet, accessible via your smart device. If you lose your smart device, you do NOT lose your DCash.

  • Icontest
    Cross-border transfers

    DCash allows you to safely and instantly transfer digital EC currency between DCash Wallet users or DCash Merchants, locally or within Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Lucia.

  • Contactless

    DCash is contactless. There is no required touching of other individuals or foreign objects.

Experience DCash!

iOS wallet android download button Dcash wallet android download button
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