Transaction History

How to view transaction history

Past transactions can be viewed by tapping History at the bottom of the screen. The most recent ones are listed first; scroll down to see earlier transactions. Tap on a specific transaction to view details.

How to search the transaction history

In order to search for specific transactions in the Merchant application, you will need to export the transaction history to a CSV file and then filter and search using Microsoft Word, Excel, or a different software. To download transactions to CSV:

  1. Tap History at the bottom of the screen. and then tap the Menu icon at the top left.

    menu button
  2. Next, tap Reports.

  3. Tap Generate Report.

    generate report
  4. From the Share menu, select how you would like to receive the CSV file. It can be transferred to another device via any application installed on the device.

  5. Your entire transaction history is displayed in chronological order and can be sorted using Microsoft, Excel, or a similar software.