Business to business (B2B) payments

  1. Tap Pay on the bottom of the wallet home screen. pay button
  2. There are three ways in which to send a payment to a business:
    • Invoice QR Code If the merchant to whom you are sending money has generated a QR code, you can simply scan the code with your mobile device.
    • Paste the Invoice Code If you’ve received the payment code of the recipient (via text message or another app), you can either tap the link, or copy and paste it into the app.
    • Enter the Invoice Payment Code Manually – To type the payment code yourself, tap Enter Code Manually.
  3. After you scan the invoice QR code, tap the invoice link, or manually enter the code, tap Continue, then enter the amount of the payment
  4. Tap Continue again.
  5. On the Review Payment screen, make sure that the recipient and amount of the payment are correct, and add an Optional Note. review payment
  6. Slide to Send the money.
Downloadable PDFs: