DCash Merchant allows businesses and retail outlets to receive digital currency as payment for goods and services.

Easy to use

Merchants can generate a scannable QR code that makes it simple for consumers to pay using their DCash Wallet.


Transactions between consumers and merchants are both seamless and instantaneous.

Remote and Cross-Border Capability

Extend your storefront beyond the physical. Your customers can pay remotely from anywhere within the four pilot countries.

Become a Merchant Teller

Grow your customer base as you facilitate DCash users exchanging physical cash for DCash.

DCash Merchant seamlessly
integrates with your business

  • Easily manage your business

    Review DCash balance, transactions, and employee activities in real-time.

  • User-friendly financial management

    Track and export your transactions report into a user-friendly format.

  • Get paid instantly

    Create digital invoices to receive instant digital payments.

  • Help

    Support is always just a click or call away.

Want more reasons to choose
DCash for your business?

  • Reduce Your Costs

    Minimise the risks and costs of managing cash - storing, securing, counting and transporting cash.

  • Increased Security

    Your funds are safe on your digital account. Transfer large sums of DCash directly to your financial institution account. Transactions are tracked indefinitely.

  • Contactless

    Digital transactions mean zero physical contact between you and your customer.

  • Competitor Differentiation

    Expand your customer base and embrace the future of financial technology.

Enterprise Merchants

Enterprise merchants are classified by three tiers of respective limits. Review your finances and contact for more information.

  • Class A

    DCash wallet limit

  • Class B

    DCash wallet limit

  • Class C

    DCash wallet limit

Ready to put DCash to work?

Learn to use DCash Merchant

Step-by-step guides and videos are availble in the tutorial section.

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