Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is DCash a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin?

    No. The DCash is NOT a cryptocurrency. Unlike Bitcoin, DCash cannot be mined. DCash is legal tender, issued and created by the ECCB, and backed by the region’s foreign reserves with the same parity as its physical EC currency equivalent.

  • Will DCash replace physical EC cash?

    No. DCash operates alongside physical cash, and other payment platforms, providing consumers with expanded options to meet diverse payment and transfer needs within the ECCU.

  • Will I be able to convert DCash to physical cash?

    Yes. As part of the “cash-in / cash-out” service, you can convert your DCash back to cash at participating merchants and/or approved service providers, or credit it to your account at participating financial institutions.

  • Can I convert funds from savings to DCash through my existing mobile banking application?

    Yes; however, availability of this feature will be dependent on the participating financial institution’s ability to provide such a service, within their existing suite of applications.

  • Are there transaction fees for using DCash?

    No. There are no fees for using DCash, during the pilot.

  • Are there any transaction and holding limits?

    Yes. Limits are linked to your Know Your Customer (KYC) profile, as well as Anti Money Laundering (AML), and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) regulations

  • Will there be limits on how much money I can send using DCash?

    Yes. Wallets will have tiers with different transaction limits. The application and blockchain code will enforce these.

  • Is there a way to integrate my credit card, or other overseas payment platforms, for transactions outside of the ECCU?

    No. For the pilot there is no credit card integration. Overseas payments are only possible if both parties are eligible for a DCash Wallet.

  • Can I make transactions with my DCash Wallet even if I am not in the ECCU, for instance, to pay a bill while I’m overseas?

    Yes. DCash Wallet will work regardless of your physical location.

  • Can I use DCash to pay my bills?

    During the pilot, some merchants will have the ability to generate a QR code and You can then simply scan the code to pay your bills. The amount and merchant wallet identification are captured by the QR code.

  • Will interest be applied to DCash holdings in my wallet?

    No. Like all forms of cash, DCash is non-interest bearing. As a result, DCash will not be a substitute for savings.

  • Are DCash payments instantaneous?

    Yes. Payments are functionally instantaneous. With proper network latency and internet connection, users should not notice any delay.

  • Can a settled DCash transaction be reversed?

    Yes. However, this is done at the sole discretion of the party who received the funds. In this way, DCash is similar to cash, or an ACH transaction, and the receiver is responsible for returning the funds.

  • How are chargebacks and refunds done?

    Chargebacks are not possible with DCash. Refunds are done at the discretion of the party who received the payment.

  • How do users (merchants or individuals) connect to the DCash network to make transactions?

    Users’ wallets represent their DCash balance. Transactions are done through authenticated and authorized APIs, where security and regulation checks (such as KYC, banking rules and AML) are performed in cloud-based systems before being committed to the blockchain ledger.