Frequently Asked Questions


  • How can information be shared for accounting and tax reporting?

    All users have access to their transaction records and can pull their records, from their transaction history, in multiple downloadable formats.

  • Can I participate in the DCash pilot if I don’t have a traditional bank account?

    Yes. The value-based wallet caters to users who may not have a relationship with a traditional financial institution that is participating in the pilot. This wallet offers a lower barrier to entry, and correspondingly lower transactional limits will apply to these users. This wallet intends to satisfy the financial inclusion objective of the pilot.

  • Are DCash transactions and wallets available offline?

    No. The party initiating the transfer (sender) must have an internet connection. If the receiver is offline the payment will still be processed, and they will see the change in their balance as soon as they are back online.

  • Does each user have a separate wallet account on the blockchain?


  • Will financial institutions offer their own interfaces for their client’s wallets?

    No. Participating financial institutions will be provided with the necessary client wallets to service the needs of their customers for the pilot.